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  • Novel Biomaterial for targeted drug delivery (Foundation for Innovation Technology and Transfer, FITT, IIT Delhi) Indian Patent Application #1067/DEL/2002

  • Development of New Cross linker for the synthesis of biodegradable polymer (FITT, IITD). Indian Patent Application #1068/DEL/2002.

  • A Process for Preparation of Non-Viral Vector for Delivery of Nucleic Acid by Mucosal Route Indian Patent application # 3256/DEL/2012

  • Polymer Nanoparticles Based Vaccine Compositions And Methods For Preparation Thereof. Indian Patent Application #1862/DEL/2013

  • Coated Polymeric Nanoparticulate System For Multi-Drug Delivery And Development Of The Same. Indian Patent Application #1141/DEL/2014

  • Novel Nanocarrier for Efficient Drug Delivery. Indian Patent Application #201611009768

  • Cancer Detection System. Indian Patent Application #201611011074

  • Method of developing glutathione stabilized/functionalized collagen nanoparticles. Indian Patent Application #201711007245


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